Each Day Brings Greater Messes

July 2009

stomp, stomp, stomp

Niklas Runs A Bunch Of Errands.

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  • 2009-07-31: Well, that date is a lie, but I totally would have had these July pictures up by then were it not for the internet outage here. Yes, I know the internet didn't fail until three weeks into July. Fine, then. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    Here's Niklas trying to convice me to switch seats with him.

    Niklas shows off part of his extensive Bermudian ferry pass collection.

    Once Niklas found out that I had Clutch's "Nickel Dime" on my iPod, this was fairly inevitable.

    Why, yes. Niklas does enjoy the AC/DC song "Big Gun".

    I do not see this look catching on.

    It's a long way to the top (especially if you don't have two year old energy), but the the view is worth it.

    Here's Niklas in a locker once used to store explosives. Sounds about right.

    That guy sure does love Clutch.

    Niklas puts his (figurative) sous chef hat on to help with some pizza crust.

    Niklas is always excited when Andrya gets home from work..

    What's better than a lollipop? Not much, apparently.

    Niklas and James work on something important, I would assume.

    Niklas reminds everyone where he's from.

    Here's Niklas eyeing me suspiciously despite my obvious reputability.

    The ferry is hilarious, apparently.

    When it comes to fashion, Niklas is eons ahead of all of us.

    Niklas is working his way up to this.