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August 2009

stomp, stomp, stomp

The Last Days Of Niklas's Bermudian Residence

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  • 2009-08-02: You may find this hard to believe (especially if you are Niklas's grandma), but I haven't taken any pictures of Niklas over the past two days. Instead, please enjoy a few pictures Andrya has taken from our place here in Bermuda. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    This is the view just after sunset from our bedroom.

    Here's what a sunny day looks like from our balcony.

    That's a giant mat of sargasso floating out in the water.

    2009-08-07: Pictures of Niklas? It was bound to happen. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    Niklas has a much better attitude about waiting for a car inspection than I do.

    Here's Niklas looking charming for some reason.

    If we can get Niklas to vacuum with a purpose instead of just running it for the sake of running it, we'll be in business.

    It's no Dunkin Donuts, but Niklas isn't about to turn down a sugary breakfast.

    2009-08-A-Couple-Of-Months-Later: So, here are some pictures from our last days in Bermuda that I haven't gotten around putting up until now. For a complete list of excuses, send me a self addressed stamped envelope. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    This is Niklas wearing some shoe mittens on his feet. Because he is crazy, you see.

    Here's Niklas wearing the haircut cape and not screaming. I need to show him this, as he has forgotten that that is the policy.

    This is Niklas with David who put up with ridiculous amounts of screaming while cutting Niklas's hair in Bermuda.

    Niklas shows off his basketball skills. These pretty much consist of him yelling at me until I pick him up so he can try a lay-up.

    Here's Niklas hanging out with a kitty while we wait for Andrya at the ferry.

    This is Niklas waiting for the bus. Seconds later, I would be explaining to him why he couldn't pick that lollipop up off of the ground and eat it.

    This is Niklas and Andrya on our last trip to the manor house at Landmark.

    Captain Craze-o tries out his alternate slide technique at the Bermuda Airport.

    Back in Chicago, Niklas is living the dream.

    Niklas still hasn't mastered putting change in his pockets.

    Niklas appears to have misplaced his gruntle. He thought less of the views from our temporary Chicago accommodations than Andrya and I.

    Here's Niklas and Chester, my old teddy bear. Also pictured, a bunch of boxes somebody needs to unpack.

    Niklas was pretty impressed with the Chicago Avenue playground. I was, too, on account of how it featured shade. Look into it, Bermuda!

    Playgrounds today feature lots of cool stuff, but none of the awesome potentially limb mangling stuff we had when I was a kid.

    This is a kid jail in a bathroom in Bloomington. I find this hilarious for some reason.

    Niklas impresses Pa-Pa Meeker (and Ernie and Bert) with his driving skills.