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May 2009

stomp, stomp, stomp

Niklas Hits The Beach

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  • 2009-05-03: So, here's a bunch of stuff that's been piling up while I've been slacking on the picture updates. As you can tell from Niklas's attire, seasons have literally changed since I last posted anything. Once I come up with a good scapegoat, I'll let you know. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    Niklas tries to use his "charming" face to get me to carry him. Sadly, my laziness cannot be charmed.

    Niklas waits out the rain.

    Here's Niklas in some sunglasses he misappropriated from me.

    Niklas doesn't let my old cell phone's lack of functionality stop him from making important calls.

    Hey, sand, want a kick to the face? Too bad.

    It's always safety first with Niklas.

    Here's Niklas helping out with the dishes, which puts him one up on me.

    A trip down the slide apparently makes Niklas insane with giddyness.

    Niklas keeps an eye out for icebergs. Seeing as how the playground ship did not sink, I think he did an awesome job.

    Niklas enjoys a good laugh about something. Not something I said, I'm sure, but something.

    Niklas converts trouble to electricity using science.

    Niklas loves going to the Maritime Museum. Not so much for the history but because they have sheep. Where there are sheep, there's sheep poop.

    A trip down the slide is always better with a snack.

    Here's Niklas with a too small bucket hat, some mittens and a flashlight. For some reason.

    Here's Niklas with his "keep sand off my hands" pose.

    2009-05-24: Niklas has been spending a bunch of time at the pool lately, but seeing as how he threw my towel into the water one time, I'm not taking the camera up there. Here are some pictures of Niklas when he's not at the pool. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    Here are Niklas and I out for a walk, or as Niklas calls it, "riding the pretend horsy".

    Here's Niklas resting after that walk went on a bit too long.

    Nothing improves Niklas's mood like a snack.

    Niklas finds peeking through things to be exceedingly amusing.

    Here's Niklas with approximately 10,000% more wrapping paper than we needed for Andrya's Mother's Day gift.

    Niklas thinks pockets are funny.

    Here are Andrya and Niklas on Mother's Day. Timely!

    Niklas is master of the snail rodeo.

    Niklas takes a break from chatting up other kids' moms to pose for a picture at the playground.

    Here's Niklas right before he kicked me for failing to pay enough attention to how close to the swing I was.

    When Niklas is fueled by ice cream, modern photography can't keep up with him.

    At least his crazy face is still pretty cute.