Each Day Brings Greater Messes

April 2009

stomp, stomp, stomp

Niklas Knows That With The Good (The Steelers, The Penguins) Comes The Bad (The Pirates).

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  • 2009-04-07: Niklas loves cookies and the playground. Here is some proof of that. The photos also show that he's apparently ambivalent toward garden gnomish hats. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    If I can train Niklas to go to the store by himself, my dream of two naps a day will finally be a possibility.

    Here's a bunch of plotting and/or scheming.

    Gnomes love grapes.


    Niklas's trip to the top of this thing is not likely indicative of the Pirates' place in the standings this year.

    Here's Niklas giving the impression that he climbed up this rope when in reality he made me lift him up. I DEMAND RECOGNITION!

    Amazingly, Niklas managed to not throw that ball into the ocean.

    Niklas fixes the rock with a screwdriver (according to Niklas, anyway).

    By the way, here's yesterday's post dog lick trauma showdown between the local dog and cat.

    2009-04-12: Kites, eggs, candy, Niklas is into all that. Especially the candy. He was running around like the craziest drunk who had ever been crazy drunk this afternoon. Yeah, he was naked for a bit of that, but that's not part of the photographic record. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    Niklas playing with remote control Tigger is a sight to behold. Niklas pounds on the buttons like he's playing Punch Out, Tigger does flips and Niklas shouts "oh no" while laughing hysterically.

    Niklas is so good at kite flying, he doesn't even need to look at the kite.

    This is Niklas's kite flying face.

    Niklas takes some time out from his busy schedule to enjoy the view.

    Elmo enjoys the view from a different angle.

    So, yeah, I took a bunch of pictures of Niklas with the kite.

    Yup. Kite, etc.

    This is Niklas pretending that he's working at the Post Office. That's not a joke.

    Niklas hopes that smiling for pictures will provide cover for his egg snatching plans.

    Squirmy Easter Photo Take 4

    Squirmy Easter Photo Take 11

    Squirmy Easter photo Take 29

    I'm pretty sure Niklas would be excited just to unwrap empty boxes.

    Niklas takes a break from squirming to read his Easter card.

    Once the chocolate's in play, things are bound to deteriorate.

    Niklas continues his training for a "who can fit the most M&Ms in their mouth" type contest.

    Niklas started the egg hunt off at leisurely pace. This changed once I told him I was going to start taking eggs and their precious, precious candy for myself.

    Here's Niklas and a soon to be emptied out egg.

    If we could get Niklas to put this kind of effort into picking up toys, we'd be getting somewhere.

    An egg opening disaster leads to a scramble for some always delicious floor candy.