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Wherein Niklas Taunts You By Hanging Out Outside

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  • 2008-01-13: Finally, our long national nightmare of insufficient picture updates is over. Rest assured that this will not happen again for at least a week. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    Andrya tries to explain to Niklas that the toothbrush is for use on the teeth, not the hair.

    Niklas prepares to unpack some dirty laundry.

    Niklas reminisces about the previous weeks weather.

    Here's Niklas concentrating on his great works.

    Niklas Godzillas my working model of the Fermilab particle accelerator.

    You know what's super fun to play with? Shoes, apparently.

    Yeah, shoes are awesome as long as you don't have to wear them.

    Despite my best efforts, Niklas works on his rake-based computing skills.

    The cape obviously makes the tricycle go faster.

    See? Flying.

    Niklas prepares to wreak havoc upon the beach.

    Havoc is more easily wreaked upon one's tippy toes.


    Having subdued the beach, Niklas attempts to conquer the ocean.

    Apparently, there are also rocks that require conquering.

    Here's Niklas on his way to visit the Gnome of Mystery in his Cave of Mysterious Enlightenment.

    The Rake: The most popular toy for toddlers ever.

    Here's Niklas barely tolerating my presence at the beach.

    Niklas's mood is always improved by a bottle.

    Given his recent addition of two new teeth, this is certainly an apt pose of Niklas.

    Niklas is a big fan of the refrigerator. He knows where the food is.

    Niklas uses his cuteness to distract from the fact that he's playing with the trash can.

    Behold! The cute face!

    2008-01-15: Here, at long last, is photographic proof of Niklas's obsession with trees. I haven't mentioned that? Oh. Niklas is a bit obsessed with trees. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    Here's Niklas in one of the few place in Bermuda in which that he can't get into any trouble.

    You can't see it, but Niklas is jabbing at this tree with a stick. He apparently enjoys the jabbing.

    Niklas knows that if you want to get into trouble, you have to look for it.

    The trouble face and the rake are a dangerous combination.

    Niklas overestimates the amount of sand the gets blown onto our balcony.

    Here's Niklas's suspicious face. He is suspicious of something. Suspicious.

    2008-01-27: Winter has finally arrived here in Bermuda. That's right, we're wearing sleeves outside now. For any pictures you want to print, just right click on them and select "save target as".

    Here's Niklas at Shelley Bay Park. Officially, I'm saying he's not responsible for this.

    Niklas attempts to get more minerals in his diet by eating a rock.

    Here's Niklas looking cute. He's likely plotting mischief, as well, but try not to think about that.

    Niklas enjoys playing in the sand and, apparently, some seaweed.

    Cereal bars have but one natural predator. They call him "El Chompasaur", but I prefer "Niklas".

    Niklas stakes his claim to Horseshoe Beach.

    It's not all sunny beach going here in Bermuda. Somedays, there's overcast beach going.

    King Of The Beach

    "Cereal Bar? Defeat me? Bwaahahahahah!"

    On the plus side, there's no food in that dish he's standing in.

    Once again, driftwood wins out over beach toys.

    Niklas has apparently had enough of the beach.

    Niklas and Andrya show off their Christmas vests.

    "I like drinkin' on Monday morning, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, too."

    "Set me up again."

    What mysteries lie within this exercise mat? Gold? Enlightenment? Some sort of trouble enhancer?