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August 2009

stomp, stomp, stomp

Wherein Niklas's Days As Your Man On The Beach Come To An End.

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  • 2009-08-02: Well, the internet is fixed. Well, it's not, but I do still have access to the neighbors. Anyway, I'm sure you've been missing my wit filled recaps of Niklas's days. Yes, there are some new pictures, but first, the wit. What's that? Fine.

    So, we've been up to lots of "getting ready to move" type stuff as opposed to stuff that would be considered "fun". Niklas definitely knows something is up and he's been acting a bit jerky, on account of that's what you do when you're about to be drug away from your island paradise, I guess. He's not doing anything too bad, just some consternation over eating and a couple of magnificent displays on how to stall before going to bed in the evening. It seems that Niklas prefers the zoo and the playground to going with me to the auto testing facility and the paint store.

    That's not to say that Niklas has been working 24/7. Over the long Cup Match weekend, we took him to the pool and the beach and he helped Andrya and me with some baking and some pizza making (which I guess is also baking, but since I'm ok at it, not really). He's also trying to figure out what he wants for his birthday, so that's pretty fun.

    2009-08-03: So, as I mentioned yesterday, we took Niklas to the beach over the weekend. He had a fabulous time playing in the sand, putting his head in a bucket of water and jumping (which is to say swinging or being tossed) over waves. Anyway, we usually go to the beach in the late afternoon on account of how the crowds are smaller (and not so cruise shippy) and the fact that the sun is less oppressive. Since it's not terribly far from bedtime when we get home, we give him a bath and put him in his pajamas when we get home. On account of how he's not going to sleep immediately, though, we don't put him in his overnight diaper. I think you can see where this is going. On the plus side, Andrya did remember that we had forgotten the overnight. Less positive was the fact that this revelation didn't come until about 11:30. I have no hard facts on what time Niklas pees during the night, but apparently, it's sometime before 11:30.
    2009-08-04: So, Niklas said a bunch of cute and/or funny things while the internet was out. Do I remember all of them? Of course I don't. Here are a couple of things that I probably only think are funny because I am his father:

    Upon being asked by me if he wanted to dance like some people on TV: "No, I danced yesterday with mommy."

    Upon being told that I was going to run his bath water: "OK, daddy. Have fun bath watering!"

    Upon being asked by me to take his shoes off: "No, daddy. You do it all by yourself."

    2009-08-07: Well, now the neighbors' internet is out. This is a fairly accurate depiction of what's going on:

    Anyway, I'm just going to keep updating stuff in the hopes that I one day have access to the internet again. On the plus side, the move-related activities seem to be under control so Niklas has been able to make it out to do some Niklas approved type stuff.

    Yesterday, he and I went to the zoo in the morning. Upon seeing the peahen that wanders freely about the zoo, Niklas had this to say: "Excuse me Mrs. Lady Peahen have you seen Mr. Blue Peacock Daddy?" Niklas then remarked to me that the peahen did not seem amenable to answering any questions. Later, when we ran into the peacock, Niklas did his best to relay all he knew about the peahen's location. That afternoon, Andrya came home a bit early so we were all able to go to the beach. Niklas had a great time putting sea weed on Andrya as she did some relaxing. Also, he put his head in a bucket of water and made me throw him up in the air about eighty-seven times.

    Today, Niklas and I drove Andrya into town so she could go to work and we could hunt down some rare Bermudian doughnuts for breakfast. After Niklas ate a glazed doughnut the size of his head (our other option was no doughnut), we ran a few errands and Niklas convinced me that he needed a baseball with a picture of Bermuda on it that he found in a tourist shop. So I've got that to watch out for now. We finished our morning up with a trip to lighthouse where he once again shamed the tourists by walking all the way to the top by himself. Take that, lazy women from Boston! Right this second (not really for you, as again, I cannot post this any type of timely fashion), Niklas is busting up the house, so I'm off to address that.

    Hopefully, you'll be able to enjoy these pictures of two year old Niklas before he turns three.
    2009-08-23:So, apologies for the lack of updates. Internet outages, international moves, work and the growing insanity of a certain soon to be three year old have C-O-N-spired against me of late. Anyway, we successfully made it back to the states and we're in Chicago as we speak (metaphorically; you and I are not actually speaking right now). Niklas has taken the move about as well as I'd hoped which means he's about nine types of crazy. It's really been a whole lot for him to deal with, what with having all his stuff packed up (so it can sit on a dock in Bermuda, apparently), shuffled off to a hotel, forced to endure two flights in one day and then moved into some temporary corporate housing. The days when he's been able to do his regular thing of TV / playground / lunch / nap / pool have been pretty much non-existent of late. I would say that I hope to have things running smoothly here in the next few days, but that's not going to happen as we're headed downstate on Tuesday and Niklas will be spending next weekend with his grandparents. After that, though, some normalcy, perhaps, some Egyptians believe.
    So, today, I acquired the technology necessary to update Niklas's website from my phone. Theoretically, this will allow for more frequent and timely updates. In reality, it probably just means an uptick in spelling errors. Anyway, we're currently downstate on the first leg of Niklas's "I haven't seen you people I'm related to in quite some time" tour '09. The day started out pretty rough as Upset About Recent And Incessant Lifestyle Changes Niklas teamed up with Nap Skipping Niklas and I Hate The New Car Niklas to wreak some serious havok. Eventually, though, getting to hang out with his grandma and papa Meeker, his great-grandma and grandpa Forcade and Andrya's aunt Kim, uncle Mark and cousin Kendra (I have no idea how the degree of cousin-ness works, thus I've related these guys to Andrya instead of Niklas) won out over his rage.

    I had a big update about the past couple of days, but it was devoured by the afore mentioned new technology. Rest assured, this lost update was filled with hilarious, hilarious jokes and factual, factual facts. I would retype them here, but I have too much respect for the sanctity of comedy to tell a joke more than once. (Note that this is not even remotely true. If it helps, you can picture me wearing a striped prison outfit and a mask while carrying a bag with "jokes" written on it. Also, I have access to a counterfeiting device of some sort.)