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  • 2008-06-08: So, we've been back from our stateside adventure for a few days. Why am I just getting around to updating the site? We've been busy mourning the Penguins Stanley Cup loss. Also, Niklas, Andrya and I have been doing stuff. What kind of stuff? Let me tell you. First of all, when we got back from the States last Wednesday night, I watched the Penguins not win the Stanley Cup. Did I mention that already? Too bad. Anyway, after that, we unpacked stuff and went to bed.

    On Thursday, Niklas slept in a bit which was great for me as the traveling really knocks it out of you, especially when the traveling involved a bit of drinking. Anyway, we eventually made our way to the grocery store. We probably did some other stuff, too, but I'm not sure what that would have been... let's say we went to the beach. That sounds like us.

    Friday, Niklas and I took the ferry into town and ran some errands. We also stopped off at Par La Ville Park where Niklas enjoyed some running about and trying to eat the fence that surrounds the koi pond. That afternoon, we went to the playground where Niklas did some sliding. It started off a bit dicey, but he was able to finish strong. After that, Niklas went to throw some garbage away and was startled by a lizard with no tail.

    Saturday was pretty awesome, not in the least because it was my day to sleep in while Andrya got up with Niklas. We also went to the beach where Niklas had fun playing in the sand before he developed a major case of the clinginess. Fortunately (for me), he was insistent on clinging to Andrya which gave me a chance to do some snorkeling. When he did let me hold him, we played the game where I hold him out of the water and dunk myself. He thinks that's hilarious. When he gets a bit bigger, the tables are going to turn on that one, let me tell you.

    Today, we went for a walk on the railway trail. Niklas was looking pretty young Brando on his tricycle. After a while, he decided to do a bit of ledge balancing and trail walking with Andrya. Also, he did some resting. Once he was rested up, it was time for some sitting. As Niklas is not a man who is easily grossed out, he was not concerned with the fact that the stone he chose to sit on was covered in bird poo.

    And that brings us up to speed except for a recap of our trip which I hope to finish (also, start) in the next day or so. In the meantime, here's this:

    There's also a paltry photo update here.
    2008-06-10: We've been up to a lot lately. Yesterday, we went to the beach, walked to Somerset Bridge, swam in the pool (or were pulled about in the pool, in Niklas's case) and went to the playground. Today, Niklas helped me assemble a new grill. I've found almost all of the pieces. Anyway, the vacation recap is underway. You can find it here. I've also posted a few new pictures.
    2008-06-12: So I took Niklas to the pool again yesterday. He learned and important lesson about running around by the pool. Namely, if you run around by the pool, there's a high likelihood that you will fall into the pool. Hilarious. He took it pretty well and his water wings kept him from sinking. Other hilarity occurred when I let him go in the pool and he didn't notice right off. When he realized that nobody was holding him up, his mighty Niklas knowledge dictated that he try to roll over. This caused his head to sink under the water. After I pulled him from the murky abyss (or maybe it was the clear water of the shallow end, either way) he spit out some water and said "messy", so I guess he wasn't terribly broken up about the whole thing.

    Did I update the Summer Vacation recap? No. No I did not.
    2008-06-15: Niklas is climbing on everything these days. Tables, chairs, plastic dinosaurs, book shelves, me if I'm laying on the floor and not paying close enough attention, everything. Inconveniently for me, there's a ledge in the front of the cabinets that hide our washer and dryer. It turns out that when he stands on that ledge, he can reach the detergent. I think you see where this is going. I was in the living room and could hear Niklas messing around in the kitchen. I figured he was just working on his quest to put everything in the house into the washer at least once. Then he said "Uh oh!" in his "I just did something terrible, but look how cute I am" voice. It is never good to hear this voice. I went into the kitchen and saw him standing in a pool of detergent holding both the detergent bottle and the cap. So, Niklas can take the cap off of things. Good to know. I hosed him off in the sink and set him free to wreak further havoc, albeit more Tide-fresh than usual.

    I've updated (but not completed, it's Father's Day and I'm slacking, so much so that I haven't even mentioned what we did for Father's Day) the vacation recap. I haven't proof read it, so get ready for a world of plot holes and spelling errors.
    2008-06-18: Today, Niklas said both "Illinois" and "Illini". On a related note, I said "wooooooooooo!" Other than that, though, it wasn't the best of days. Niklas has a bit of a runny nose and is cutting some teeth (the sharp, pointy kind, apparently). This combo led to an afternoon of fussing that was surpassed only by that day back in October when he yelled so much he threw up.

    In less yelly news, this is done. I've also added it to the Other Stuff section.
    2008-06-22: Niklas is like science. Science never sleeps. Huh? Yeah. He was up this morning at 4:50. This was much worse than last Friday when he slept in until 5:00. Anyway, all this sleep avoidance has left plenty of time for beach going, pool running about and screaming. Also, we went to the zoo and the playground. These pictures, in all of their low resolution camera phone glory, show what we've been up to lately.

    We braved bees to get some groceries.

    Niklas continued to drink like he was in a drinking contest.

    Niklas spent some time looking suspicious.

    Which makes senses given that he was involved in suspicious activities.

    This sculpture of a praying mantis in the koi pond flipped us off.

    Niklas did some sliding. Not shown: the time he fell backwards down the slide and got stuck halfway through.

    We saw some monkeys. Monkeys!

    The no-tailed lizard started to grow his tail back and therefore freaked Niklas out a bit less.

    Niklas saw some chickens.

    Niklas dropped thirty-three of my Bermudian cents into this thing and then was angry that I didn't have anymore change.

    Niklas took some phone calls from very important people.

    We enjoyed the Natural History Museum's display of dead rodents.

    Niklas insisted that we stare at these Flamingos even though they were nesting and hence smelled like somebody spilled something that smelled very badly on a hot pile of something that smelled even worse.

    Niklas was not at all impressed by this peacock.

    2008-06-26: So there are lots of things that Niklas enjoys in a typical day: eating breakfast, emptying out the night stands in Andrya's and my bedroom, eating lunch, going to the pool, having a snack, dumping milk or juice on the floor, emptying out the drawers in the kitchen, and so on. The best part of his day, though, is right after he has had his bath. Andrya will dry him off with either the monkey towel or Mr. Eep the penguin and then - the streaking. Niklas runs out of the bathroom and down the hall into the living room laughing like a person who is predisposed to laugh who has seen something really funny (that, or a crazy person) while being chased by wolves. He'll do a couple laps around the house before Andrya can ensare him for some pajamaing. Streaking Niklas is a good time.

    Niklas has really taken to the pool. He's not yet mastered the art of closing his eyes and mouth when he goes underwater, but rest assured, I will continue to dunk him until he picks that up. Then, as is the tradition in my family, the real dunking will start. Anyway, the pool's popularity has come at the expense of the beach. I took him down to Whale Bay today and he said "pool!" and pointed back up toward the house about a thousand times. This may be related to the fact that a wave knocked him down and a second filled his trunks with sand. Also, whenever he gets sand on his hands, he says "messy!" and tries to wipe them off on my leg. That's more of a reason as to why I don't like the beach, but still.
    2008-06-29: Niklas and I took the ferry into town last week to check out all of the boats that were in the harbor (harbour, locally) as part of the Newport, RI to Bermuda boat race. Niklas thought all of the flags and pennants and whatnot were cool, but he was much more interested in trying to weasel his way off of the gangways and onto various boats. That's why we don't have any close ups. Anyway, as cool as that was, Niklas had much more fun when we went to Par La Ville Park and he was able to yell "Fish! Fish!" and try to climb into the koi pond.

    Yesterday, Niklas, Andrya and I went to Horseshoe Bay. There was some serious wave action which Niklas was quite opposed to when it caused him to get splashed in the face. He was, however, very much in favor of the waves when they hit me or (especially) Andrya. Then he would say "splash!" and laugh and clap his hands. Today, we went to the pool where the most impressive splash was caused by Niklas's lack of grace whilst trying to use the ladder.

    New pictures, huh? Finally.