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  • 2007-07-04: Niklas's godfather was in town for a long weekend. Josh and Niklas had a lot of fun playing and hanging out. We went to union park for some swing (Niklas) and sunburn (me) action on Sunday and we took Niklas to his first Taste of Chicago on Monday. He enjoyed being outside and looking at people, but he was somewhat outraged that everyone was eating tons of food except for him. He has high hopes that Gerber and Enfamil will add booths before the Taste is over.

    There's been a recent revival of the ancient (relatively) art of spectacular poop mess making. The last few days have seen poop covered blankets, sheets and clothes. This morning, Niklas even brought back his patented "stomp in the poopy diaper" maneuver. Oh, how we've missed that one.

    Here are a couple of pictures of Niklas at the Taste. You can't even tell we're outside, let alone at the Taste, because of the tight zoom, but you can trust me.

    There are a few other new pictures up here.
    2007-07-07: Today, there was exciting zoo action, action, action. We took Niklas up to Lincoln Park to see monkeys, penguins and all of the other animals that make me laugh and clap my hands. Niklas had a fine time, but he was much more interested in watching the tens of billions (my estimate) of bigger kids running and playing than the comedic stylings of tiny monkeys.

    2007-07-09: Niklas's grandma and grandpa Meeker were up yesterday. Niklas impressed them with his ever improving crawling and sitting skills. He also displayed a knack for pulling DVDs out of my CD rack. I'm less enthused about that development, let me tell you. Niklas did manage to make it through the day without a poop disaster. This contrasts dramatically with the previous couple of days which featured poop on both his high chair and one of Andrya's shirts. He did pee on the carpet, so his unstated but understood goal of making a horrible mess everyday this July is still obtainable. Did I mention that he rubbed lasagna in his hair a few days ago? There's that, too.

    Here's an awesome picture of Niklas and Andrya that The Godfather took last week plus a shot of Niklas enjoying the sun:

    2007-07-10: Somebody was fussy this morning. "Fuss, fuss, fuss," said Niklas. This kicked off at about 5:30 and lasted until about 8:00 when he passed out, probably because of all the fussing. On an unrelated note, I am very sleepy.

    zzzzzz.... Huh? Oh. Pictures.

    2007-07-12: Niklas has slept in until 6:45 the past couple of days. I hope that typing that didn't ensure that he'll be screaming at 5:30 tomorrow.... crap. Anyway, Niklas is doing well. He's entered a super mobile phase. He's still crawling army guy fashion, but every once in awhile he'll get up on all fours. Tammy thinks he'll be like the Flash in a couple of weeks. My extensive research has revealed that there is nothing in the known universe that can slow the Flash down. Crap.

    2007-07-15: A list of things that Niklas was not covered with this weekend could not include the following: Cheerios, various Gerber baby foods, pee, poop and an assortment of floor crud. So, it was pretty much a normal weekend.

    2007-07-18: What's that you say? Updates have been infrequent and brief of late? I blame these jerks. Also, this is still going on (the Phantoms are 2-2 in my absence). Huh? You don't care what's up with me? Alright, then.

    In Niklas related news (that also involves me, sorry), I've recently been able to change a couple of poopy diapers. Niklas is a lot floppier on the changing table than he was a month and a half ago. This does not for an orderly diaper change make. I'm not able to wipe the poop off of his butt without getting some on his changing pad. That's not so bad. Then, he flops down so as to make sure it's ground into the pad cover really well. No es bueno. Then, he laughs at my incompetence. He's got a cute laugh, so I'm OK with that.

    As you can see from these new pictures, Niklas is all about the rock lately. He hasn't gone after any Clutch yet, presumably because he prefers me singing Clutch songs to the recorded versions. That, or the Clutch cds are three and a half feet off of the ground. We'll probably never know the truth.

    2007-07-25: Niklas, Andrya and I are heading out of town for a while. Waaaaay out of town. For two years. Andrya will be doing audits for PwC, Niklas and I will be playing on the beach. Everybody wins (especially me, since I get to hang out with Niklas all day). Niklas has already applied for his passport. He'll have it stamped before his first birthday. I knew one country couldn't contain his epic cuteness.

    Niklas has been up to stuff other than plotting global domination. He's getting faster and faster all the time. This has greatly aided his efforts to remove my cds from their intended places. Thanks, pal. Also, he apparently was able to go from laying down to sitting up by himself today. No one actually saw him do this, but there's lots of circumstantial evidence (mostly, the fact that he was laying down one minute a sitting up the next). Can changing his own diaper be far off?

    Ambitious people wouldn't dream of calling one picture an update. Lucky for you, I'm super lazy.

    2007-07-29: Niklas was a traveling man this past weekend. We took him down to Smithton for one last visit to his Great Grandparents before we skip town. Mobilicus had a good time showing off his army-man crawling style and his ability to get into stuff he's not supposed to. He even took advantage of the different surroundings to pick up new skills. Niklas has now mastered stairs. Well, one one stair, anyway. It took him a few minutes, but he was able to haul himself up from one level to the next. Given this recent advancement, I suspect that he'll be walking well enough to mow the grass when we get to Bermuda. If we don't have a lawn there, these walking skills he's sure to soon have can be put to other uses.

    Since we were on the road so much this weekend, Niklas ate several meals in the car. On the way home today, I fed him some green beans. Results were predictable. Here are a couple of less messtacular pictures of Niklas from the car.

    2007-07-31: Well, the teeth we've been waiting on since Niklas's nine month checkup still haven't arrived. He's been fussing and chomping on stuff lately which would lead me to believe that new teeth are imminent, but he's been fussing and chomping on things for the last ten and a half months, so there's that. Even with only two teeth, Niklas has been enjoying the Cheerios and tiny bits of cheese. He's still not a fan of meat based foods, which was a pretty big pain when I was trying to feed him some sort of turkey based mess in the car on Saturday. It wasn't this bad, but it wasn't that pretty, let me tell you.

    New pictures? You bet