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  • 2006-09-13: Hello, all. Niklas was born this afternoon at 1:17. He and Andrya are both doing well. I'll be updating this site often with pictures and tales of what The Guy is up to, but in the meantime, here are a couple of camera phone photos.

    2006-09-15: We brought Niklas home from the hospital today. He didn't seem that impressed with the car ride, in fact, he slept the whole way home. It didn't make him furious, so that's a plus. He's doing a great job with his feeding after a four hour bout of fussiness last night. For a while, he had mastered latching on and sucking, just not at the same time. Much better now, though. He's also become adept at being hungry just as Andrya is trying to take a nap. We're not so excited about that, but his cuteness buys him a lot of leeway.

    In other exciting news, yesterday, he whizzed on me while I was trying to change his diaper causing the whole scene to devolve into a Three Stooges-esque slapstick adventure. No one can fling wet clothes, diapers and blankets around in a panic quite like me, let me tell you.

    2006-09-17: Niklas gave me and Andrya a wonderful birthday present by sleeping for a couple three hour stretches over the night. Thanks, baby! He's also been entertaining visitors. His grandma and grandpa Meeker stopped by yesterday. They helped Andrya look after him while I went to the store and bought enough groceries to last us until he's eighteen and we can leave the house again. Jared and Dana brought some birthday cupcakes by for us today (awesome). Later, his godmother Katie and her husband Mark brought even more birthday cupcakes (also, awesome). Tonight he had a bath. He was opposed.

    There are a few new pictures up on (of all places) the pictures page. Check them out!

    2006-09-19: We took Niklas to his first doctor's appointment this morning. He got all dressed up in his finest (Ducks are black tie to the baby set, he'll have the keys to ZZ Top's magic hotrod in no time) only to have to strip down immediately. He weighs 7 pounds 12 ounces now (it's normal for babies to lose weight after being born) and he's still 21 inches long (as far as I know, it is not normal for them to shrink).

    In exciting diaper news, while Andrya was taking a well deserved nap today, Niklas wet himself. This is not a problem as I am now a master of diaper changing. However, once I got his diaper off and had covered up his business with his Pee-Pee Tee Pee, he started to projectile defecate. Panic ensued, good times were had by all. Mostly Andrya.

    No cupcakes today. Oh well.

    New pictures are up, just click the link to your left or here, if going all the way over to the left is too much for you.

    2006-09-20: Here is a quick lists of nicknames Niklas has either been given or earned through hard, hard work:

    Mr. Poop - This is pretty self explanatory
    Poops Magee - also pretty self explanatory, plus it features the hilarity of the name "Magee"
    King Fusso - "I am the fussiest person in all the land! All will bow before my mighty fussing!"
    Sir Fuss-a-lot - Niklas is equally influenced by the famed knight and the booty loving rapper
    Gorpy The Troll - Andrya coined this one. He makes a troll-like face and goes "gorp" when being burped

    Niklas, according to me, also works in air traffic control do to his crazy arm flailings whilst asleep.

    Today, I learned how to clean baby pee out of upholstery.

    2006-09-21: Andrya would like me to point out that she also has "nice" nicknames for Niklas such as Sweetie Pie, Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie. I pretty much call him Niklas or Mr. Poop, though Mr. Poop's namesake today did look a bit like Pumpkin Pie.

    The Pirates are 6-1 since Niklas was born. He needs to spread some of his luck to the Steelers (embarrassing loss), Illini (even more embarrassing loss) and Penguins (injury to Rookie of the Year candidate). I guess he just loves the baseball.

    2006-09-22: Somebody's being awfully fussy today. I don't want to name any names, but it's Niklas. He had so much bad karma going on today, that when I was too late with the pee-pee tee pee and he started to go all over the place, the vast majority landed on him. Niklas doesn't appear to like being covered in his own urine. That's yet another thing that we have in common.

    I've added some picture's of Niklas's fussy face to the pictures page.

    2006-09-24:Niklas's godfather Josh visited him yesterday. Niklas celebrated by being reasonably behaved. Good times! Josh brought him his own Terrible Towel. Unfortunately, Niklas's support was not enough to spur the Steelers to victory today. Niklas, much like me, hates the Bengals.

    Whizzo (he's earned that nickname lately) also achieved two milestones yesterday. On the plus side, the remnants of his umbilical cord fell off. The cords don't look as creepy as they used to, but I'm still glad it's gone. On the down side, he's got his first bit of diaper rash. He doesn't seem to like it when I tell him his butt looks like a baboon's. Hopefully, his sense of humor will develop soon.

    2006-09-26:Niklas had his second doctor's appointment today. It went really well. He's almost back to his birth weight and he still hasn't shrunk. In other news, apparently Niklas has watched the Exorcist. Much to Andrya's dismay (and the dismay of her jeans assuming they can feel dismay) he attempted to recreate the vomit scene today with some projectile spit up. He also peed on my leg and made a huge deposit at the first national bank of poop. Then, he yelled for about four hours. He's eight pounds, two ounces of fury.

    Here are a couple cell phone photos from his trip to the doctor's.

    2006-09-28:Niklas has taken to spending long stretches of the day awake. This has disrupted his established poop-pee-eat-sleep cycle resulting in epic bouts of fussiness. Fortunately, his angry face is pretty hilarious. Other than that, he's not been up to much other than proving that the pee-pee teepees were a sound investment.

    I started back to work yesterday. Niklas has proved invaluable at making sure I don't hit the snooze alarm and stay in bed. My attempts to do that the past two mornings were greeted by a bunch of crib-based sounds easily interpretted "get out of bed, laze-O". The best part is how he seems to immediately quiet down once I'm up so Andrya can go back to sleep. I would suspect that she's made some sort of deal with him, but he keeps insisting that she wake up repeatedly to feed him at inconvenient hours of the night. At least he's not going after both of us at the same time.

    2006-09-30:Jared and Dana invited us over for an afternoon of football and gumbo today, so Niklas had his first outing that didn't involve him being stripped down and prodded. He seemed to enjoy the lack of prodding. Niklas was especially ecstatic that Illini were able to pull off an improbable victory over Michigan State. He predicted the game winning field goal by sleeping for two hours with his arms above his head. I should take him to Vegas. It would be like Rain Man except not annoying. Also, it would feature more public urination.

    Niklas had his first bath in his bathtub yesterday. He seemed to enjoy it for a while, then the fussing began. Still, it seems more popular than the sponge baths he had been getting previously. I enjoyed it more because dumping water on people amuses me, no matter how short they are.